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Date and Topic
In Class Activities
Readings for This Class In case downloading the readings does not work from this page, the readings are also in the “Readings” folder on our class ANGEL site, organized in alphabetical order.
Assignment Due
Session 1

Introduction to the Course
  • Introductions
  • Syllabus overview
  • Review of social studies education
  • Integrated curriculum/share topics for unit plan
Session 2

Overview of Unit Planning
  • Kickoff Discussion:Sarah, Danielle-- social studies curriculum variations
  • Locating high-quality, reliable resources for unit plan
  • Establish unit planning groups
  • Work session for Parts I & II
  • Sign up (groups of 2 or 3) to facilitate one Kickoff Discussion
  • Review the Mentor Teacher Memo with your MT to ensure s/he understands TE803 requirements
  • Generate ideas (goals, objectives, activities) for your unit plan
Session 3

NOTE: Meet in Berkey 111 (for both 803 and 804)

Differentiation ideas and Learning Community
  • Kickoff Discussion: Emily, Allison, Miranda-- Gov. Snyder's plan for school districts
  • Establishing a learning community
  • Introduce Special Education Fact Sheet assignment
  • Social Studies Focus: Geography Education
  • Unit Plan, Draft Parts I and II for peer feedback (bring hard copies or make available electronically to members of your planning group)
Session 4

Defining and identifying special needs and special education students
  • Kickoff Discussion: Colleen Lehmen, Allyson Way, Matt Jablonski.
  • Identifying adaptations for your students with special needs
  • Special education terminology
  • Introduction of Lesson Study
  • Social Studies Focus: History Education (view Freedom: A History of Us)
  • Unit Plan, Draft Parts I and II via email prior to start of class
Session 5

Adapting instruction for students with special needs
  • Kickoff Discussion: Jillian, Kelsey, Erica, Tina
  • Adapting your unit plan to your special needs students: guest speaker Kara Sharp
  • Identify your topic for the special education fact sheet assignment
  • Work session for Unit Plan, Part IV & V
  • Unit Plan, Draft Parts IV and V-- Bring hard copies or make available electronically to members of your planning group
Session 6

Field Experiences
  • Work session: Unit Plan revisions
  • Social Studies Focus: Economics Education
  • Social Studies Focus: Civics and Government Education
  • Unit Plan, Part IV and one lesson – via email by midnight, Saturday 2/9/13
Session 7

Understanding Learning Differences in Practice
  • Kickoff Discussion: Allyson Way, Matt Jablonski, Colleen, Lehman
  • Film: Misunderstood Minds (90 minutes)
  • Reflections on how your students with learning differences responded to your unit
  • None
Session 8

Working on Lesson Study and Listening to Sean
  • Kickoff Discussion: Ian, Jessi
  • Employment and Interviewing: Guest Speaker Sean Williams
  • Lesson Study Workshop
  • Come with ideas for lesson study
  • Prepare for Career Services Fair, April 15, 2013 (MSU)
Session 9

Teacher Voice in Educational Decision-making
  • Kickoff Discussion: Abby and Mallory
  • Special Education Presentations (Part 1)

  • SPED Fact Sheet Presentations
  • Fact Sheets uploaded to wiki
Session 10

Legal responsibilities related to special education
Course Wrap-Up
  • Kickoff Discussion: Emily and Allison
  • Lesson study debriefing
  • Special Education Presentations (Part 2)
  • SETS
  • Legal responsibilities related to special education
  • Reflection on the course
  • Celebration!
  • SPED Fact Sheet Presentations
  • Fact Sheets uploaded to wiki
  • Lesson study assignment via email prior to start of class
  • Final Unit Plan Due via email at dawn, Friday, May 3
  • Lansing Elementary Convocation: 4/26/13, 4pm

[1]National Council for the Social Studies. (2008). A vision of powerful teaching and learning in the social studies: Building effective citizens. Social Education, 72(5), 277-280.