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Thought it might make sense to have a page where people can add links or ideas or photos or whatever. We may not use this at all and that's fine, but it's here in case we need it.

Have you guys heard about THIS? It's social studies integratively (government, economics, history of technology) and science non-integratively, and pretty cool any way you slice it. --Amanda (instructor)

Food for thought. --Amanda (instructor)

Super interesting! Greg Michie is a teacher-turned-university-teacher-educator (an incredibly common trajectory). He wrote the book with the chapter on teacher Nancy Serrano that many of you may have read in 401. What's uncommon, and what makes him a new hero in my book, is that this year after something like 15 years, he has apparently gone back to the K-12 classroom, and what's more, he went for it hardcore: Chicago Public Schools. Here's his explanation of how after working as a teacher educator and field instructor even, he didn't have a good grasp on how testing has affected schooling since he was a teacher until he came back.

Here are a bunch of awesome, random interactive maps, just 'cause.;location:US;year:2007

Groovy visual on technology integration...

In case you missed this cool alternative multiplication algorithm making the rounds on Pinterest and Facebook...

Technically this is not social studies, but I can't not pass it on. Would have to be curated heavily for use with students. Supercool.